As the current Board of Directors of PPS-PC, we are individuals who offer our experience, ideas, opinions and beliefs about the value of high-quality public education in our democracy and in Pitt County Public Schools. We’re members of school communities throughout Pitt County, and we are looking to hear from many more schools.  

We believe that all Pitt County’s children deserve access to high-quality public education; we believe that not all of them have that access. Our best schools need more to serve our children and we need more of our best schools. We believe that real reform is best accomplished from the inside out, and as parents, grandparents, teachers, alumni of Pitt County Public Schools, as well as community members, we have seen how public schools in Pitt County can work for our children.

In a time of slashed state funding, increased privatization of public education, deepening urban and rural poverty, and intense politicization of education policy and practice, we’re ready to work with fellow Pitt County citizens to find solutions that can strengthen all our public schools, for all our children.

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Kathy Herring picture

Kathy Herring, President


Elmhurst, CM Eppes Middle, JH Rose HS

"Only by uniting the voices of parents, non-profits and the business community as constructive partners in support of our public schools in Pitt County can we achieve our goals for education. Parents for Public Schools provides the framework to encourage parents from across Pitt County to join other community groups in effective dialogue with the leadership of our system." 

Carolyn Reed picture

Carolyn Reed, Vice President


JH Rose HS

“As President of Academic Boosters at J.H. Rose, I see every day how critical parent involvement is for our public schools. PPS will help build a strong community of parents, faculty and administrators supporting Pitt County Schools.”

Kathy March picture

Kathy March, Secretary


JH Rose High School

"I am involved with the formation of the Parents for Public Schools Chapter in Pitt County because I strongly believe that all children deserve quality schools and equal educational opportunities. Strong schools produce educated students who in turn, strengthen communities."

Melissa Adamson picture

Melissa Adamson, Treasurer

United Way of Pitt County

Parent, Farmville Central High School

“As a parent, I want to actively build quality public education and provide support to create the best possible school district for all children in my community.  I am involved in the formation of our local Parents for Public Schools Chapter because it offers the opportunity to be part of a diverse, positive and effective solution for improving public education in our district.”


Desha Lane

Pitt County Sheriff's Office

Parent, Wellcome MS

"As Community Programs Coordinator with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office and as a mentor, I have worked with youth of all ages and backgrounds and have seen the difference that community involvement makes in a student’s life.  I know the challenges our students face and the help they need to overcome those challenges, as well as the possible consequences when they don't get that help and guidance.  I am an involved PCS parent, supporting teachers, administrators and advocating for all students to succeed from the impact of education through Pitt County Schools."


Juan Garcia

PEP Graduate & Parent, Ayden Elementary

“I'm involved in Parent for Public Schools because I want to better understand the school system and the laws and regulations that govern it. I want to become an informed advocate not only for my child but for all students in our public schools.”

Annie Fuller picture

Annie Fuller


DH Conley High School

"Education is my career and my passion. My children and all of the children of Pitt County deserve an organization like PPS because it provides advocacy for them in a way that is productive, effective and impactful for years to come!" 

Clarissa Lee

Clarissa Lee

Educator and Grandparent


"It is my belief that one of the greatest investments one can make is in the life of a child. It takes everyone working collaboratively to ensure all children are equipped with the necessary tools to be productive in this century. Being an educator I will do all I can to ensure that families are aware of educational issues and encourage them to take an active role in their child's education."  

Scott Senatore picture

Scott Senatore

Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce

“The business community understands parental engagement is critical to the success of any public school system.  PPS Pitt County will provide a proven platform to successfully engage parents in the Pitt County School System.”

Jim Cieslar picture

Jim Cieslar

United Way of Pitt County

“United Way of Pitt County’s primary focus is centered on two critical community issues; school success and workforce development. A strong and viable public education system is essential for the community to make progress in both of these areas. Improved and increased parental involvement in public schools is a critical component of strong public education system. Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County is committed to doing just that by engaging, educating and mobilizing the community around the key role that public education plays in a community’s social and economic well-being.”


Robert Moore


Parent of 3 PCS Graduates

"As a retiree from DuPont and Sara Lee and the father of three Pitt County School graduates, I have seen firsthand how a quality public education can transform someone’s life. I have a passion for public service and believe in the Parents for Public Schools mission of strengthening our schools through engaging, educating and mobilizing our community. My interests are innovative and progressive programs that meet the needs of diverse learners and increasing parent involvement throughout the district."


Jill Camnitz

Parent of 2 PCS Graduates

“I believe that a strong public school system, meeting the needs of all children and enjoying broad community support, is critical to the future of our community and our country.  I also believe that parents must be involved for our schools to succeed.  By supporting and encouraging parents to be knowledgeable advocates for their children and their schools, Parents for Public Schools is an agent for positive change in our community, and I'm excited to be involved.”

Learn more about our Board Advisors:

Robin Dailey picture

Robin Dailey

PPS Parent Engagement Program Coordinator & Parent of a PCS graduate

“As a parent and an educator, I know that a strong community supports a strong public education system at its core. Parents for Public Schools will help parents, families, schools and the community build and strengthen alliances and partnerships to improve results for individual students and the Pitt County School district.”

Photo of Brock Letchworth

Brock Letchworth

Coordinator of Public Information and Community Engagement, Pitt County Schools

“The decision to get involved with Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County was a no-brainer for me. Finding ways to engage and partner with families should be one of the top priorities for any school system, and Pitt County is really fortunate to have a local organization such as PPS-Pitt County that is committed to doing the same.”